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All serviceable parts are sold with FAA/JAA Certification.

FAA/JAA Certification

On all serviceable parts

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all in-stock parts.

Same Day Service

On all in-stock parts

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PT6A, PT6T and PW100

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Turbine Technologies Our company sells turbine engines and parts.

We specialize in the Pratt & Whitney PT6A, PT6T and PW100 family of engines. Call before 4 p.m. and we will guarantee same day service on all parts in stock. All parts carry FAA/JAA Form 8130-3 certification.

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Engine Management Program Under this program we can usually save the operator 20 to 30% of the overhaul cost offered by the overhaul shop.

We monitor the engine from the time of initial input and incoming inspection through test and final acceptance to ensure that all work is performed in accordance with the customer’s instructions.

We analyze the service bulletin records and make recommendations on accomplishment of current service bulletins.

We analyze the parts requirement and identify savings by supplying high value parts at a steep discount thereby reducing the overall cost of overhaul.

We submit status reports as the engine progresses through the overhaul process, upon completion of inspection we submit our cost estimate detailing the cost of all labor and material necessary to complete the overhaul.

Only after receipt of acceptance of our estimate by the customer will any further work proceed.

Turbine Engine Management Program

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